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The name Radix comes from Latin and means ´roots´; inspired by that special feeling you look for when purchasing a new property and are planning on "planting roots" in a new place; creating a new home for yourself or family.


Radix's objective is to make its customers' real estate wishes come true and wants to be your professional and trusted partner by offering an efficient alternative to already existing real estate services in Barcelona.  I represent and protect the interest of the buyer by accompanying them throughout the whole property buying process.

About Me


Originally from The Netherlands,  I have put down strong roots in Barcelona where I live with my Spanish husband and beautiful daughter. I have become an expert in finding the right property in Barcelona and Catalonia through my experience as manager of a real estate portfolio (homes, retail & parkings)  and my personal experience as a home buyer in Barcelona.

I would love to share my expertise with you!

I am qualified and registered as a real estate agent (AICAT #7819), although I do not work as a seller’s agent. 


I have developed my career while working for international companies in The Netherlands,  Austria and in Spain. This international experience has helped me appreciate the complexity of adapting to new cultures and languages and has taught me how to work through challenges of unexpected situations in light of cultural differences or interpretation.

I am in love with Barcelona and its fabulous architecture. Barcelona has a buzz and way of life hard to resist and I haven’t even mentioned the great weather or exquisite food.


I am a great listener, organiser and structured in my approach. I am comfortable dealing with local parties and have no trouble being your spokesperson on the ground in Barcelona. I am multi-lingual and speak Dutch, English, Spanish, German and Catalan. When dealing with me, you will not only find a professional partner in Barcelona but a friend and someone that shares your excitement for finding your next home or investment.

- Esther van de Paverd

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