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Radix is currently unavailable to take on new clients

Are you a Real Estate Agent?

Radix presents itself; a buyer's agent with international roots, experience in Barcelona and clients that are currently looking for their dream home in Barcelona. Do you maybe have what they are looking for? Shall we connect? 


How does Radix work?

Radix is a service exclusively designed for prospective real estate buyers in Barcelona and represents the seller during the home selection process and closing of the buying process.

Most buyers who use Radix’s services often lack the time to search for their next home, or are not physically in Barcelona. Radix evaluates the available properties and pre-selects the bests options for them, based on their specific search criteria.

For the agency representing the seller, it means dealing with a pre-validated buyer and it could even help reduce unnecessary efforts of marketing the property and saving unnecessary viewings.

Do not hesitate to contact me in case you have any questions about how Radix works.

Radix works with a variety of clients throughout the year, meaning that there is a variety of open searches at any one time. Maybe you have a property in your portfolio that would fit the requirements of one of my clients. Let’s connect?


Get to know Radix

Esther, born in The Netherlands with strong roots in Barcelona, started with Radix in 2017. Expert in the finding the best properties in Barcelona.

Registered as a Real Estate (AICAT#7819) in Catalunya, although she doesn’t work as a seller’s agents and doesn’t carry her own portfolio of properties. Her focus is on the buyer, advising them and representing their interests. Besides this, she manages a portfolio of real estate from a family owned company.

​She is passionate about Barcelona and its fabulous architecture. It is difficult to no fall in love with the live style, its people, its magnificent climate and exquisite food!

Multi-lingual in Dutch, English, Spanish, German and Catalan, which helps facilitate the communication between the (local) seller and her (International) client.

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