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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use a Real Estate Personal Shopper to find a home in Barcelona?

A personal shopper can help you filter the properties for sale and single out the best fit for you. Buying a home is a time consuming activity. The Barcelona real estate market is handled by a multitude of real estate agents and agencies, all representing only the listings of their own portfolio. For the homebuyer this means dealing with numerous agents and keeping an eye on the different websites used to publish listings. A Real Estate personal shopper will monitor listings across agencies, pre-visit the listings that best match your dream-home-profile, and will alert you only to those that would be a good fit.

A multilingual personal shopper will also advise you on the different steps of the process, making it clearer and less complicated. Especially if you lack Spanish language knowledge it is an advantage to have someone who can assist with translations or direct you to the correct professionals (lawyers, notaries, technicians, architects, etc.).

It will save you time, stress and money while giving you added security when making a very important purchase.

What is the difference between a Real Estate Personal Shopper and a Real Estate agent?

A personal shopper represents the buyer and will therefore keep the buyer’s interests at heart. Most real-estate agents in Barcelona represent the seller and are paid by the seller in form of commissions. A Real Estate Personal Shopper normally doesn’t carry their own portfolio of listings and therefore has no conflict of interest, nor does the Personal Shopper receive any fees or commissions from the seller or seller's agent.


How much does it cost to work with a Radix Real Estate Personal Shopper?

At Radix I offer simple fixed fee pricing. This fee is agreed upon prior to commencing the service agreement and may vary according the complexity of the search, the price range or other specifics of your search. However, you will always know upfront what the final fee will be. No surprises!


The fixed fee is broken down into three payments that correspond to success milestones in the home buying process:

  1. The first and smallest payment (20%) kicks off your property search with Radix. It is intended to cover costs associated with the home search and encourage mutual commitment to the process, while Radix will exclusively work for you and not take on a search for a similar product at the same time. It includes 3 months of guided property search and viewings.

  2. The second payment (50%) occurs at the signing of preliminary contract (Arras).

  3. The final payment (30%) occurs at the signing of the final sales contract.

Payment 2 and 3 are only due in case of a successful property search.

VAT (21%) to be added to all fees.


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