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Personal Shopper

Are you looking for Real Estate in Barcelona? You need a buyer's agent.. Radix combines local market knowledge with careful attention to your needs to guide you through the four phases of finding and purchasing a dream home in Barcelona.

Purchase Negotiation
Contract Guidance
Post-Purchase Services
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1. Property Selection

Dream Home Profile: We start by discussing your needs. I will share my expertise on the Barcelona real estate market and together we'll build your dream home profile that includes your price, location, size, and home feature wish list.

Property Match Reports: By continually looking across multiple search platforms and my network of local real estate agents the properties that match your dream home profile will be found. The best options will be previewed to ensure quality before presenting them to you. Only promising property candidates will be presented to you, along with photos, listing details and my opinion via weekly emails. If a new property comes on the market that is perfect for you, I will alert you right away. For each property candidate, you tell me if you’d like to move forward with a viewing or discard the candidate and why.

Visit Scheduling: Viewings of your favourite properties will be scheduled with the listing agents based on your availability and the seller’s availability.

Accompanied Advice: I accompany you on the visits to facilitate communication with the listing agents, document additional information about the property, such as specific measurements that were not included in the listing details, and help point out features and challenges with the property you may not have otherwise noticed.

Refine: Based on your feedback I continually update your dream home profile and send you new property candidates. Once we find a dream home for you, we move to the purchase negotiation. 

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2. Purchase Negotiation

Comparative Pricing Analysis: Before we start negotiation, I conduct a comparative analysis on similar properties in the neighborhood and help you determine the property's fair market value.

Technical Advice: When needed, I will help you arrange technical advice from an third party professional. This could be technical inspection, known as IPV, to check the current status of the construction and important elements or an architect visit to explore renovation possibilities and cost estimates.

Negotiation: Together we will decide on an offer strategy taking into account multiple factors, such as the current status of the market, the work that needs to be done on the property, the location and your budget. I then communicate your offer to the seller’s agent. Depending on the situation, you may put down a reservation fee which will take the property off the market temporarily while the preliminary contract is prepared and signed.

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3. Contract Guidance

I will guide you through the contract process. When needed, I can connect you to a multi-lingual independent lawyer or notary here in Barcelona.


This is typically a two-step process: the preliminary contract (Arras) and the sales contract (Escritura publica de la compraventa).  At the signing of the preliminary contract, you typically pay 10% of the purchase price, which is your non-refundable down payment on your property. At the signing of the sales contract, you pay the seller the remaining part

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4. Post-Purchase Services

Even after you have bought your dream home, there are post-purchase services that will make your life easier. Does your apartment need renovations, or do you need assistance with moving, setting up the utilities or home insurance? I would be happy to connect you with the right people or I can coordinate some of these time-consuming issues for you. Let’s talk and we will find the optimal solution for your specific situation. 

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