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Why you should use a buyers agent in Barcelona

Have you ever heard of a Real Estate Personal shopper? In some countries the concept is already very well known and has a proven track record of successfully helping potential buyers find their dream home, their next investment property or a location for a business endeavour.

The concept is also known as “Buyer’s Agent”, “Buying Agent” or “Property Finder”. In non-English speaking countries they use similar local language equivalents. Using a Real Estate Personal Shopper is not just something fancy or frivolous or for the super-rich! It is a great resource for anyone looking to find their first or next property.

To me, the most important reason to use a Real Estate Personal Shopper is that they represent your best interests at all times. They do not benefit from forcing a sale on a specific property. A Real Estate Personal Shopper is paid by their client, the buyer, and never the seller. This means they will work for you only and find the most suitable property within your budget and requirements.

Read more about why you should consider using a Real Estate Personal Shopper in the list below:

1. Save valuable time

Your time is valuable, so why waist it on previewing properties that don’t meet your needs or live up to the expectations of the listing. A Real Estate Personal Shopper spends a lot of time viewing properties and is very familiar with the current listings, pricing and market developments in your area. Because they are well connected, often they have early access to new listings, enabling them to flag these to their clients, before they hit the general market. To date the Barcelona real estate market remains very fragmented, this means a buyer looking for their next investment will need to talk to many real estate agents, keep track of various listing pages and -in general- be constantly on the lookout.. A Real Estate Personal Shopper would do all this for you; freeing up your valuable time. Especially if you live abroad it is important to have a trusted “partner” on the ground that can look at various options in-situ and act on your behalf.

2. Increase your negotiating power

A Real Estate Personal Shopper has access to market data and reports that can help determine a fair price of a property, but also knows the market inside and out and is comfortable negotiating with the seller or the seller’s representative. The money you spend on Real Estate Personal Shopper services is easily earned back this way.

3. Gain Security

Do you know what questions to ask and what to look for when viewing a property? Most potential buyers are not Real Estate experts and sometimes it is easy to overlook important flaws or other issues that might turn your dream property into your worst nightmare. A Real Estate Personal Shopper solely has the interest of the buyer at heart and will make sure to point out any potential issues or flaws that might cause problems later on. They can review the title deeds form the property registry, request technical reviews, make sure the owners association doesn’t have major works planned or are in need of funds or other factors that might influence your desire to buy or could help negotiate the price.

4. Reduce stress, worries and frustration

When you trust your search to a Real Estate Personal Shopper in the hot current Barcelona housing market you can forget about worrying about walking through your desired neighborhoods scanning for “for sale signs”, setting alerts on the all the listing websites, speaking with multiple agents in the hope that you won’t miss out on the property perfect for you. You can use this time to spend on things you actually enjoy and leave your search to a professional. The Real Estate Personal Shopper will alert you to any listing that needs your attention.

5. Tap into local knowledge and information

The professional that you contract is very familiar with the area, the demographics and knows how to connect your needs with the local offerings. Especially if you do not speak Spanish or Catalan, using a local Real Estate Personal Shopper will help you in this respect as well. They will facilitate communication with the seller, help you with any documents, local laws that might apply and guide you through the buying process in order for you to make the best possible informed decisions.

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