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Viewing properties from the comfort of your home

As a Property Finder or Buyer's Agent, viewing a property for a client and allowing them to assess if there is a fit, while being somewhere else (at home or abroad) is something that many clients already enjoyed while working with Radix. During the pandemic it has become almost a necessity and counting on an expert that acts as your eyes and ears, remains very practical even now that social distancing measures are being lifted around the world and traveling has become easier again

Some Real Estate Agencies were very good at quickly adapting and introducing high quality videos as part of the property sales information pack. This optimization and the increased quality of information is a welcome trend and hopefully one here to stay. In the meantime Radix remains available to guide you through the process and take you on a viewing, using video calls to show you everything you want and need to see; the good, the bad and the ugly. Radix is really here to represent your interests and look with a critical eye.

If you have been sitting at home and maybe have been dreaming about buying a property in Barcelona or your previous plans were put on hold, but now you are slowly thinking about resuming your property search, consider using Radix as your Property Finder, allowing you to reduce to the maximum your time spent on non-suitable properties.

Stay safe and healthy.


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